Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wintry Evening

It's not the snowstorm they were predicting, but it's snow nonetheless today. Snapped this with my phone just a few minutes ago.

What you can't see is the wind blowing, and snow swirling in the air. And it's COLD out there! My thermometer says 22 F.

To help with yet another wintry night, I put together a tomato soup this afternoon. Have you ever started out with bacon and onion for homemade tomato soup? Me neither, but it sounded good!

See HERE for the recipe from All Recipes.

I didn't add macaroni to it, but I did put some Parmesan on top, as well as a little oregano and a bay leaf while it was cooking. And let me tell's tasty!

Just perfect for a wintry March (what, March???) evening!

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