Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Single Ladies

I know I've written a lot about JV happenings recently...but it's the "stuff of life" right now - and what brings me great joy to write about!

This morning I was with these lovely ladies in Ostrava...Esther, Katka and Zuzi.

A half hour later they were joined by Alice and Susan, took a quick picture and then left in a car together. Going where??

To JV Single Ladies retreat in Austria!

This is the first JV ladies retreat in twenty years that I'm not leading, or even going to. One of our other JV ladies, Lori, is leading the retreat.

While I'll miss being with these ladies, it truly delights me that they are being loved on and cared for by one of our other JV ladies!

These dear ones, who serve so sacrificially and deserve to be loved on well, will be gone until Thursday.

Praying they get replenished, refueled, and refreshed during these days away!

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