Sunday, March 17, 2013

Looking for Green

It's been a week of off and on internet, mostly off. That makes blogging pretty hard.

Our provider finally got it fixed and turned back on yesterday evening, so here I am blogging on a Sunday.

But the real reason for a post today? It's St Patrick's Day! The day we like to say is our family holiday.

St. Patty's...get it?! Okay...lame, I know, but it makes for a good post today!

(Read HERE for a fascinating perspective on the real St. Patrick.)

I went looking for green inside and outside of our house today in honor of the holiday.

Spring green leaves on tulips...

Ever-green trees in our yard...(and take a look at that blue sky - definitely not an everyday occurrence around here. We'll take it today!)

 The neighbor's green fence next door (hey, I'm looking for anything green!)

Green grass...literally the only patch of grass visible in our yard right now.

Azalea bush green leaves that are begging the sun to release them from their snow cave.

You definitely can't pinch me today because I have green flowers on the best winter boots I've ever had!

 Ever-green, supporting a lonely icicle.

A very cute girl I found walking on our road wearing a beautiful spring green sweater.

More evergreen trees, providing the backdrop for a flying dog.

And last...yes, this is truly a last ditch effort to find green! The recipe for what's in my crockpot today.

There's zucchini in the the stew, the only thing in there that's green. Other than that, it's just the green ink on the pages of the cookbook that qualify it as a holiday recipe. I'm making it count!

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. That picture of the dog flying through the air looks like you Photoshopped it! Hilarious!