Friday, March 8, 2013

Where's Caleb?

"So, the heating on our bus broke so we just about froze...we are at a gas station now waiting for another bus to come from Chicago (an hour and a half away) to pick us up. Bummer huh? It's fun! :)"

Since posting about Dave's whereabouts yesterday, thought I'd catch you up on Caleb's today!

He and his girlfriend, Haley, along with her sister, Ally, and boyfriend, Shane, were/are on a "Mega Bus" from Chicago to Iowa for spring break!  Mid-terms are done and they're off for two weeks now.

Also on the bus is their friend Matt, who works with Caleb at Joe's coffee shop on campus at Moody. Always nice to have traveling buddies!

Though they had a little wait at the gas station somewhere in Illinois, they're back on the road (you gotta love wi-fi on the bus so he could text me about what's happening!) and will get to Haley and Ally's grandparents in a few hours. After some time there, they'll head on to Colorado for visits with friends and more grandparents (Dave's mom and dad in Denver).

This is the life of TCK's (third culture kids). When mom and dad are not in the States to come home to on breaks, you go visiting friends and relatives!

So THANKFUL for all those friends and relatives!

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