Sunday, March 31, 2013

White As Snow

HAPPY EASTER from snowy Frydlant!

Never was it truer than this morning to remember:

"Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe, sin had left a crimson stain...He washed me white as snow"!

Yes, snow greeted us early this morning as we headed up to Malenovice for our celebration of Jesus' resurrection on this absolutely magnificent Easter morning.

When you're greeted in the parking lot by the tractor plowing snow, you know it's not just a little snowfall.

Even though we had a hike up this hill this morning, catching a glimpse of this view as we came through the trees was worth it!

The "velky sal" was prepared so beautifully this morning for the service.

And despite the snow, Claire and I wore dresses because it just doesn't seem right to go to Easter service in anything but a dress! :)

She and I had the privilege of joining our dear friend, Jonny, in leading worship this morning. Many times I was choked up singing the Czech worship songs I love so much.

Dave had the honor of preaching this morning, and brought such a powerful Easter message. Wish you could've been there to hear it!

Afterward we gathered in the restaurant, enjoying time with our church family, as well as those who came from out of town to celebrate Easter here.

One of those was our dear Nina, who we've known for 18 years - ever since she was in our youth group in Havirov! She was Claire's first babysitter when she was just three months old!

I didn't get a picture (which I'm so sorry about Nina!), but SHE now has a sweet three month old baby boy. Wow...full circle!!

As always, sweet to get time with my friend, Sharon Till!

By the time we left three hours later, it had dumped about 8 inches of snow...and was STILL snowing!

The walk back down the hill was MAGICAL!!!! It reminded me of the days when we lived in the hotel and often couldn't drive up or down the hill. We made this walk MANY times back then.

I'm still singing that can you help but not think of it on a day like this??!!!

"...He washed me white as snow."

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  1. Wow Connie! Good thing you didn't have the Easter Egg hunt this year! I can't ever remember you having a snowy Easter like this, have you? Good thing you and Claire wore your Easter dresses so you could keep the tradition going! Love the pictures and wish I could have been there too! Love you!