Saturday, March 23, 2013

Casting a Vision

Another historic event in the life Josiah Venture's ministry across Central and Eastern Europe is taking place this week-end.

But this time, it's at another location because our own hotel/training center at Malenovice is full! Nice problem to have (see here for the other historic event that took place this week).

JV team members from Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Slovenia are gathered for the week-end to dream, cast vision for and chart the course on a brand new ministry highway: SPORTS!

This group of people are passionate about reaching young people with the Gospel in their countries, and across the whole region, through any and all means of sports.

While JV currently has outreach ministry to young people through the means of English, music and media (our Exit Tours), we recognize that sports is an untapped means for reaching out to youth. We want to do something about that!

There's lots of excitement and discussion happening in this room as they dream about making this highway of evangelism a reality in each of our twelve JV countries.

With no sport's programs in the schools, there is a lot of potential for opening up this area to kids who love sports and want to be involved at a recreational level. In most towns and cities, the only options to be involved in something is through local clubs, and usually those are only for kids who have skills. For the young person who wants to learn, or just have fun, there are few options.

We'd love to see something like intramurals and after-school clubs that anyone could come be a part of, no matter their level of skill.

And most of all we'd love to see these young people have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and put their faith in Christ...ones who wouldn't go to an English or music camp, but who'd love to play on a team after school, or go to a sport's camp.

So a new vision is being cast today. It's exciting!

And while of less importance, sunshine and blue sky is pretty high on the "exciting" scale today too!


  1. Connie....I LOVE THIS!!!! And more importantly, I love that JV never rests and never stops strategizing to impact more people in more countries with more venues to share Christ! YAY!!!!