Monday, March 18, 2013

Special Room

If you've just happened onto my blog, you probably want to look HERE and HERE to see a bit of the background on what's happening at Malenovice, our Josiah Venture training center in the Beskydy Mountains here in the Czech Republic.

However, if you've followed my blog for a while, you most likely know about it and can jump in with me on the latest happenings up there.

Dave, Petr and I were there this morning, doing a walk through of the latest project - the old farmhouse which is being completely reconstructed.

While this may look like an ordinary pile of rocks, it's anything but that.

The construction firm is in the basement this week (while it's snowing and freezing up above!), working on one of the coolest parts of the whole building.

I only had my 35 mm lens so couldn't get a full view of the room, but they're lining an entire room with these rocks, in what used to be the wine cellar of the old farmhouse.

The entire ceiling will be lined as well, in an arch, along with some "windows" to give the room atmosphere. It's going to be SO cool, I can hardly stand it!

The work crew is down there mixing cement and putting those rocks in "just so" this week to make a special room, with a very special purpose.

One that I can't spoil the surprise on!

But you'll definitely want to see photos of it when it's finished. Or better yet, come and visit it!

It may well be the best part of our whole conference center. So stay tuned for more news about it in the coming months.

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  1. This must be what they call a "hook" in the blogging world! Keep them guessing and keep them coming back for more. Well played Connie, well played!

    I AM looking forward to the next post on this special room to find out what it is!