Monday, April 29, 2013

Taking the Train

I didn't grow up riding trains.

I think the first, and only time, I ever rode one in the U.S. was in my 20's!

But trains are a way of life here in Czech, and honestly, it's my favorite mode of transportation.

Due to an unfortunate event (see HERE for Claire's story of what happened), we had to get up early this morning for a trip to the US embassy in Prague.

Even though we were on the road at 5:45 this morning, headed for the train station in Ostrava to catch the 6:30 AM to Prague, I had that happy feeling of "We're going for a train ride" the whole way there!

I really do love a train ride.

Riding on the train is so much more efficient than a car ride...everyone gets to relax and enjoy the ride.

 Or, get some work done, as was the case for Dave! :)

While I like to read too, I mostly enjoy just looking out the window and soaking in the beauty of Czech...especially when spring has just arrived and the fields, trees and flowers are positively lush with new growth.

Oh yeah. And I like it when they bring the dessert tray around and offer you Chunky Monkey ice cream.

Maybe that's why I like taking the train so much.

We weren't in Prague long today - just until 3:30 (and if you heard the news that there was an explosion in the city, there was. Thankfully no one was seriously injured, but a building was seriously damaged from the natural gas leak that caused it. We were on the metro when it happened so didn't even hear the blast, though people said you could hear it from a long ways away).

Riding back in the afternoon was even better than the morning ride...the closer we got to Ostrava, the more sun we saw (surprise, surprise!), and the greener the fields. I spent most of the trip looking out the window at sites like this. AWWWW! I love Czech in the springtime!

I'm thankful for the train system here...and all over Europe really. It's a system that works well, is reasonably priced, comfortable, and a whole lot of enjoyment for the money!

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  1. Of course you train love runs in the family as your Grandpa Kimball worked for Southern Pacific. I have always had an enjoyment for locomotives, but we don't have much passenger rolling stock here in Oregon!