Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Blizzard 2013

This will definitely go down as the most memorable Easter!

Claire and I drove back from our morning service at Malenovice to find Dave, (who'd driven separately since Claire and I had to be there earlier than he did) shoveling the driveway.

He couldn't even make it into the garage, so left his car and started shoveling in his nice clothes and shoes (or as our little friend Toby called it, "Dave's tuxedo!").

Little did he know, that was only the beginning of his shoveling throughout the day. The snow just kept falling all day and into the night.

Claire and I pulled in our little road and left the car while Dave was making a way for us to drive into the garage, and went inside to get Kaylee. This little bundle of fur is *crazy* about the snow and was ecstatic to be out in it!

Dave said he actually loved being out there in the show, even if it meant non-stop shoveling. I love this shot where you can see his nice shoes as he shovels away!

Claire joined him, looking quite stylish with her Easter dress underneath the winter parka!

Looking at what we've got this morning, yesterday's snow on our sidewalk looks relatively minimal, though it was a lot of work shoveling even that!

Taking a break to tromp around in the snow with her furry girl!

Another one that cracks me up! Dave, looking all dapper in his Sunday clothes. Broom in hand, he looks as if he's cleared the driveway with it (though the shovel is in the picture too so I guess you can assume that he was only brushing off my car before driving it into the garage!).

Claire, all too happy to show off the magnificence of the snow in our yard.

In the nine years we've lived in this house, we've never had snow this deep...and that was yesterday's picture, so it got even deeper than that!

The one who is probably the happiest about it all! It took a warm shower to get all those snowballs melted off her when she came inside.

It couldn't have been a more spectacular Easter!

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