Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Wonder

Whenever I'm traveling, it's the little things that intrigue me.

Oh, it's fun to see famous landmarks too!

But while we were in Rome for a few days, it gave me no end of delight to notice the small things. I often had the phrase, "I wonder..." rambling around in my head as we walked through the city.

Like...I wonder how many years this gentleman has been selling roasted chestnuts in a quaint square of Rome?

I wonder if these two men meet up in Piazza Navona every Sunday morning with their dogs? Or do they even know each other??

I wonder who would buy a "Hello Kitty" stove top espresso maker? All the other colors make sense to me. But "Hello Kitty"? Not so much!

I wonder who cast this door knocker? Did they create it in the likeness of someone they knew?! And how long has it been on this door??

I wonder who left an Italian flag out their window? How long has it been there? Do they even remember it's there?

I wonder who this man is sending a text to? Is he waiting for someone at the red mailboxes and they haven't showed up yet? Or was that just a good place to stop and write someone?

I wonder how much money is made each week by people who throw a coin in Trevi Fountain, hoping it will bring them back to Rome?!

(Actually, the tour guide answered that one for me! Approximately 3500 Euros...$4500...a week! They give it to the Red Cross for relief work)

I wonder who uses the garden on top of the yellow building that overlooks the Pantheon? Do they have their morning coffee up there?

I wonder if the people walking on this little street know that just behind them, at the place with the yellow lettering, the best coffee in the world is sold? Well, at least it is according to Roman citizens! Our tour guide said that all those who live in Rome know this is THE place to come!

I wonder if I'll ever have one of these coffee drinks again at the place that sells the best coffee in the world?!

It's called a "Caffe Granita" and is frozen espresso, shaved into ice, along with a whole lot of whipped cream. I'm hoping my wish at Trevi Fountain will get me back to Rome to have one of these again someday!


  1. Great post, Connie! I love it. I wonder if I'll ever get to see any of those sights for myself? Ha! Hope so!

  2. Connie...this is an adorable post! I loved all your great and curious questions. :o) Let's go back together. We never did get to go to Rhodes so maybe a trip to both is in order one of these days, don't you think?!