Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Traveler

I suppose it all started with being born in the Philippines to missionary parents.

Dave is a traveler - and a long standing map lover! I can't tell you how many pictures I have like this of him, getting the lay of the land (in this case, it's Jerusalem last year) wherever we are.

And so it is again for the next two weeks. Dave is traveling, and will no doubt be keeping his eye out for some maps along the way!

However, not as a sightseer (it's rarely for that reason!).

Right now, Dave is on a flight through the night back to Israel - flying into Tel Aviv, and then on to Jerusalem for meetings with the leadership team of Global Youth Initiative.

He'll be there through Saturday and then flies back this direction, through Paris, where he'll meet me at the airport (I know, how crazy is that?) and we'll fly on to Venice together and join our friend Laurie and her ministry, En Gedi, to teach for a marriage conference through the week, as well as a bit of traveling with the group.

You know the saying, "Next year Jerusalem"? Well...that was last year's gift from the Lord! We literally had the privilege of being in Jerusalem as a family with En Gedi.

I guess the saying now would be, "Next week, Italy"! Definitely, another gift and privilege ahead of us.

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