Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fusiondary in Frydlant

Our kids' old elementary school here in Frydlant, is the sight of a very special event this weekend.


That word most likely has little to no meaning to you, but to 260 young people from all over the Czech Republic, and from Slovenia, it has a lot of meaning!

Led by Terry and Hanka English, our JV teammates who lead the Fusion ministry, and Zuzi Vyvialova and their team of JV staff and volunteers from around the country, this is a music festival for all the Fusion choirs in the country, as well as for one choir led by JV staff in Slovenia.

That's Terry at the soundboard in the photo above, and Hanka up front moderating the program in the picture below. Honestly, these two, along with Zuzi, are SO gifted and creative! It's incredibly inspiring to watch them all at work.

The festival started yesterday, Friday, and goes through Sunday afternoon.

Throughout the week-end, each choir gets a half hour performance, which includes not only singing, but drama, dance and videos that they've worked on as well.

Seriously, this is one of THE COOLEST things for young people!! Fusion is a place where they get to learn how to sing in a choir, how to play instruments, how to dance, how to do photography and video.

And it all comes together on a week-end like this!

They get to build relationships with each other, and with staff who love and care about them.

 And who open up the dialogue about spiritual things.

Also at the festival this week-end are talks about God and how they have a choice before them to consider who He is and how to have a relationship with Him.

Rob Chestnut is the main speaker and totally knocked it out of the ballpark last night as he spoke!

 This morning there were some fun games to get things started.

 Dance practice for everyone!

And student led worship that was beautiful and moving.

 Then Dave had the opportunity to speak to them as well.

He spoke about how sometimes we feel like we don't have a choice about how our lives work or turn out. But the one thing you do have a choice about is to believe in and follow Jesus.

You could've heard a pin drop as he was speaking.

We are praying that there will be students THIS WEEK-END who make that choice.

Claire is at Fusiondary all week-end with her Fusion choir from Frydlant. She's leading a creative workshop today and involved in all the activities, including an afternoon scavenger hunt through our town. In the snow!

Pray for this week-end, will you? That these young people will be drawn to the Lord, and put their faith in Him.

My friend and JV teammate, Amy, wrote a great post about Fusiondary too. Check it out HERE!


  1. thank you so much for sharing! we'll be praying(: lerah

  2. Reminds me of Music In May back in High School. Fun to mix the various groups together and see the synergy!