Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The First of the Lasts

Recognize the girl behind that mask??


She's the last of our children at home...my sweet girl...on her final day of Czech school!!

While she still has maturita exams to complete in the coming three weeks, today was the last day of school for Claire. From here on out she'll be prepping for, and taking, her big exams.

But what happens the last day of school here for the fourth year students? They dress up and go into town asking for money! I'm sure Claire will write about that on her blog as it's quite a tradition here (You can see it HERE).

But for me, this is a day that hardly seems possible. Wasn't she just headed off to kindergarten??!!

It's not time to get too sentimental as there are many more milestones to complete before she heads to the US for college in August.

However, I have been documenting first and last days of school for a long time, so couldn't miss this one!


  1. What a great way to end her school days in Czech! Promise me that you will get Caleb to take a picture of her first day of college next year!

  2. HAHA! Glad Claire gets to use her Viennese mask for something fun :) I know I didn't dress up...did Caleb? Good for Claire!