Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Colorful Italy

One of the inescapable traits of Italy is the vibrant colors you see, especially in the markets.

Don't you want an espresso in one of these colorful cups??

Walking through the market in Campo de' Fiori provided the perfect place to capture the gorgeous colors.

Though I was only "window shopping" (can you call it that if you're in an outdoor market?!), I couldn't resist lingering over these beautiful pieces of Italian pottery. What Italian specialty would you serve on those plates? Or would you just display them for inspiration?!

Wouldn't that make a gorgeous bridesmaid bouquet? Wow...what would the wedding party look like if they were dressed in those spectacular colors?

And then...there is the plethora of fruit, sitting out in stall after stall in the market! How can you resist a blood orange?? SO tasty!

Strawberries are already in season there. You just want to pop one of those in your mouth, don't you?!

It was seemingly an endless supply of fresh veggies, just waiting to be whipped up into something delicious.

Who doesn't want to eat their vegetables when they look this yummy? Artichoke anyone?!

In Czech, we don't have asparagus in the stores very often. I wished I could've bought some to take home!

And then there were the rows and rows of spices. Truly, I wanted to buy them all! Sadly, I bought none. But they were fun to look at!

I was thinking of Claire when I took this photo...if she'd been there I think I wouldve been buying one of those fruit cups for her!

 Ah Italy, what a beautiful country you are!

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