Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cove Kids with Czecholate

When we started going to Gull Lake Ministries six years ago, our kids were all in the high school program so I didn't know much about what they provided for the younger ones.

But this year, Czecholate Chip (aka Claire!) is working in the Cove Kids program so I went to visit her a few different mornings to find out what happens there.

Five years ago God provided the resources for GLM to build an incredibly beautiful Ministry Center (known as the MC) where, among many other things, the children's programs are housed. And wow! What incredible spaces they have for the young kids who come with their families for camp.

The rooms are bright, cheerful and fully equipped for morning and evening programs when the kids are there. For the 2's and 3's where Czecholate is working, they have a program divided up into 10-15 minute segments so the kids are never bored. It's a fantastic program!

Bible story time, crafts, music, play time, outdoor's all a part of making sure these little ones have just as special of a time at camp as their parents do.

Again, I am just so impressed by this ministry: their integrity, their excellence, their passion for the Lord, and their desire to make a difference in people's lives for the sake of Christ.

And I love how they care for and train their staff! It's a joy to leave Claire here under their care and guidance for the next few weeks as she serves here at Gull Lake.

Czecholate Chip with Sweet Tooth, her partner in Cove Kids and her roommate this summer!

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