Saturday, June 7, 2014

Colorado Home

If home is where your heart this, then this is sure one of our homes.

Where Dave's mom lovingly prepares another meal for us.

Where Dave and his dad enjoy time together.

It's where you wait ten minutes for the weather to change because it's Colorado!

And enjoy flowers on the table that come from dad's garden, and mom's pea soup which is my favorite.

It's dad reading from a book after dinner that has us laughing so hard we're in tears - it's that funny!

"They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?" by Pat McManus

And it's seeing one of dad's gardens out back where if we'd stay long enough, we'd eat some of the best sweet corn ever!

So thankful for the precious time we just shared with Dave's parents this past week. As always, it's hard to leave family.

But we're thankful that our bonds of love reach across the miles and even the ocean.

Off to Jackson, Wyoming now.


  1. That was a perfect visual of mom and dad's place! How nice!

  2. Ah, so good. I learned about Geezer Specials sitting around that table. And ate them of course! Some of the furniture is the same. I didn't recognize the backyard with the garden so expanded. And when you talked about Dick reading funny stories I thought Patrick McManus and then read it. His books are the best, and funniest to be read out loud. I'm so glad you guys have been able to spend so much time at 4600 S. Lipan St. over this past year.