Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chicago Evening with Loved Ones

After driving down from Michigan today, we met up with our precious kids this evening for dinner in Chicago.

Our first time out as three married couples!

Not far from Tyler and Lara's place is a wonderful middle eastern restaurant where we headed for some seriously good food this evening. It felt like we were in Jerusalem!

Oh so wonderful to be altogether for an evening!

After waiting out a huge rainstorm, we headed down the street for a completely different cultural experience.

Ice cream in the hispanic section of the city!

Mango sorbet? Yes please!!

A walk back through the neighborhood on a warm, humid Chicago evening...these are treasured moments right now.

We are now spending our first night ever in Tyler and Lara's apartment - what fun to get to stay with them!

But tomorrow after breakfast with the six of us, Dave and I fly to Chattanooga for a few days before heading home to Czech on Wednesday after eleven months away on our sabbatical.

So we are soaking in a few more precious hours together with our much loved children here in Chicago.

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