Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Theme Nights

Internet is spotty here at Gull Lake this week, but I think I've got a signal this afternoon so want to at least post something!

One of the things that's fun here are the theme nights they do: the 50's, Sport's Night, Tool Time, Stars and Stripes. While everyone is encouraged to bring costumes, no one does it better than the summer staff...and the speaker for the week! :)

Claire is wearing a jersey from Dave's high school in Englewood, CO - when the school got rid of the jerseys this year, his sister got one for him bearing the number of the year he graduated!

Thankfully the weather was nice Sunday evening (I'm actually writing this three days later after lots of rain!) so we could be outside on the Quad for games.

And a fun rendition of the week's memory verse by the summer staff! (Which happens to be from the book of Philippians, the book Dave is teaching on this week!)

Seeing Claire on staff here is a huge delight this week. When we started coming six years ago, I would have never guessed that she'd come to serve at Gull Lake. And now here she is, on the staff board (bearing her camp name) with all the other summer counselors!

Last night's theme was Tool Time so Dave and I wore the obligatory "flannel"!

And guess who showed up at dinner? Wilson! (You'd have to know the old TV show "Tool Time" to appreciate that!).

We're sure enjoying ourselves here at Gull Lake!

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  1. I love Claire's camp name! so creative and really suits her! Kaylee is sitting on my lap while I read this! (waiting patiently for me to stop typing so I can pet her again! )