Monday, June 16, 2014

Family on Father's Day

After Dave's third session on the Fatherhood of God at Grace Church of DuPage, someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind.

I turned around and was enveloped in a hug by a much loved and familiar face.

Oh how good to see and hug these two for the first time since they drove off on their honeymoon two weeks ago in Colorado!

They arrived back to Chicago last Sunday afternoon, but this was our first time seeing the newly married couple.

Not only were Caleb and Haley at church for Dave's final session, but Haley's grandparents as well! Ray and Susan made the seven hour drive from Iowa on Saturday to lovingly deliver wedding gifts to Caleb and Haley now that they're in their new apartment downtown Chicago.

After the service, we stepped outside to capture the moment of being with these dear ones, then headed out for lunch to celebrate Father's Day together.

What a gift and blessing to spend time yesterday enjoying family, our new and wonderful extended version!

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