Tuesday, June 10, 2014

JHCA: Becoming a Reality

Back in January I wrote about an exciting new school that is beginning here in Jackson, Wyoming:                       Jackson Hole Classical Academy

Serving in an advisory role for JHCA, the dream and vision of our friends here, Dave and I are back in Jackson to continue alongside them in prayer, support, planning and strategy for the future of this amazing school.

The miracles surrounding the beginning of JHCA are too numerous to even recount. But it's evident that God is in this project and has great plans for the school.

One of those miracles is the school building that is currently under construction.

An incredibly competent and professional construction company from Michigan came in just eight weeks ago to begin the project. As you can see, the progress is astounding!

This beautiful building with nine classrooms, offices, conference room, kitchen and a gym will be completed in time for grades 1-8 to begin this fall.

Having been through many building projects in the Czech Republic, this is a stunning feat they are in the midst of! We stood in the gym in awe, marveling and rejoicing at God's provision that will allow them to open their doors on September 2, 2014.

This project reminds us of Beskydy Mountain Academy, the school we have supported, been involved in at a board level, and where our children attended high school in the Czech Republic. We know what a difference an excellent school can make, especially when it's founded on strong Christian values.

God's provision of an excellent headmaster, Robby Kuhlman from Archway Scottsdale Great Hearts Academy, along with a staff of talented and committed teachers and administrative personnel, will bring great blessing to this valley, I believe.

We applaud the courage and strength of our friends who had the vision for this school. As you can imagine, it has taken great perseverance to see it through! But God has continually sustained them as they've moved forward towards making his vision a reality.

"Well done Steve and Polly!"

With great anticipation, we look forward to what God will do in and through this school for his glory and the furtherance of his Kingdom!

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