Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Home

Do you remember the first place you lived that you called your own? Mine was on the rather boring name of "6th Street" in Cheney, Washington.

But Caleb and Haley sure have a fun street name for their first apartment: they live on Mozart Street in Chicago!

Set on the beautiful tree-lined street, their apartment building was built back in the early 1900's. Feeling more like a European apartment, it even has cast iron radiators just like you see in the Czech Republic.

When the landlords asked if they knew what they were or how to work them, Caleb's eyes lit up. They said he was the first one to ever answer yes!

Since they're riding their bikes back and forth to work, they enter the building through a pretty courtyard in back to put bikes away, where kids were playing and a dad was keeping watch over his little one. Such a sweet, peaceful scene.

I'm glad this is where Caleb and Haley get to live in their first home.

They're slowly assembling their apartment, and just received a table and chair set yesterday. It looks so perfect in that spot, like it was made to fit there.

The really special thing about it is that it belonged to our dear friend in Wheaton, whose home has been a "home away from home" for our kids their whole lives! We first visited her family when Caleb was just 2 years old. So those chairs have memories, and that table is meaningful. What a cherished gift to the newlyweds.

After spending a sweet afternoon with Haley, having lunch and doing manicures/pedicure together, the three of us had a lot of fun this evening going out to dinner, and running errands for their apartment since I had a car. It's hard to carry shelving on a bike! :) I loved being mom and helping out my dear kids.

We'll get to see them a few more times before we head back home to the Czech Republic in July. I'm thankful for these special touches we have with them in the early days of their marriage!

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