Friday, June 20, 2014

Hayley, Star of the Evening

Last night, Hayley, daughter of JV missionaries, commanded the kitchen as head chef!

After growing up in the Czech Republic, Hayley came to the States last year to enter a culinary arts college program in the Chicago area. She had a fantastic year, and last night displayed her gifts by preparing a fantastic five course meal for the JV board members.

Theresa, Sarah and I had the privilege of working alongside her as her sous chefs!

This beautiful young woman already had a gift for food prep and hospitality.

But that gifting has now gone to a whole other level. The complexity of preparation was astounding, yet she handled it with grace and elegance.

It was amazing to watch a young woman who I've known since she was three years old, command a kitchen and roll out such an amazing meal. She was poised, confidant, careful, and professional.

The traits of a good chef are not necessarily in coming up with your own ideas, but in knowing where to gather those ideas from...and she did that so well! This gazpacho, a recipe from Sarah, was absolutely delicious!

And the baguettes she baked from scratch?? OH MY!! Bread perfection right there! Imagine a little goat cheese generously spread on a slice, topped with three different types of heirloom tomatoes marinated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Fabulous!!

I've never seen anything done like this, but these are smashed potatoes. So easy and so very yummy to eat!!

The main course consisted of a pork chop cooked to perfection (sometime I'll get the recipe on here!), roasted vegetable and the smashed potatoes topped with sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon and chives.

Yes, I'm sorry you weren't there to taste it with us!

Hosted in the home of a JV board member, I loved seeing Hayley shine as she stood by her dad, appropriately proud of the dinner she was about to serve them.

At each course she came into the dining room to explain what she'd prepared, doing so with such maturity and ease. I was so proud of her!

As were her other "aunts"! We all reveled in the joy of the moment, delightfully celebrating this occasion of Hayley's triumphant dinner.

Probably no one was more proud though than her dad. I'm so glad I somehow captured that moment of his proud gaze at his daughter.

The final course was an absolutely amazing tiramisu, undoubtedly the best I've ever had. Hayley definitely has a gift for taking a recipe to it's finest!

And yes, I had two (little!) pieces. How could I resist?!

The evening was a complete success, beautiful in every way: the food, the setting, the company we were in...priceless!

And Hayley was the star of the evening!

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  1. SO wonderful, almost felt like I was there! Now, if we could only get "scented-internet"... :-D