Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Along the Snake

Oh how glorious to walk along the Snake River with my friend this morning!

With blue sky and sunshine overhead, the walk from Emily's Pond along the river was a sight to behold. So much beauty!

While I was hoping for a moose, a bald eagle sighting was quite spectacular as we watched him soar overhead.

Not only did we see one in flight, but another one up in the tree. How magnificent he looked perched up there.

We also encountered some pretty cute dogs out for walks with their owners, including this breed I've never heard of, the Norwegian Buhund. What an adorable dog!

The lupines, and many other wildflowers, lined the path as we soaked in the sunshine and clean air.

What a refreshing two hour break from the demands of life. That's a walk I wish I could do every day!

And so much fun to do it with my friend, Polly!

Soaking in our last few days here in Jackson.

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