Monday, June 9, 2014

Making a Memory (again)

Dave graciously helped re-create a memory for me yesterday. Can you see the photo on my phone that he's comparing to as he holds the camera to take a new photo?

I was nine years old when I first came to this place with my mom, brother and grandparents.

We stood at this overlook of Grand Teton and the Snake river, immortalizing that moment with our Kodak film camera.

Yesterday, almost exactly forty two years later, I returned to that same spot.

Well, almost. If you look closely at the rock wall in those two pictures, you'll see I wasn't actually in the original spot. For a good reason! The trees have grown "a little" over the past 42 years.

Here's the real spot.

Unfortunately, the view is obscured from the exact spot where my nine year old self stood back in 1971. But thankfully, just a few feet to the left gave almost the same view.

I don't know if my nine year old self was impressed all those years ago, but it sure was breathtaking to stand there again yesterday!

And even better to do it with my husband! What a sweet afternoon it was, soaking in the glorious beauty of the Tetons.

As if the spectacular mountains were not enough, it's even more amazingly beautiful to see wildflowers blooming in the fields of sagebrush, giving incredible photo ops.

I sure do enjoy the beauty here in Wyoming!


  1. Simply amazing that you have found that exact spot. That is so....something I would do! It's almost like we are related or something.

    Very beautiful scenery and I hope you can pinpoint it on a map so that I can check it out someday.

  2. Ah, great full circle! I love it!

  3. Absolutely beautiful and SO fun to look back on the memories and see what God has done in the intervening years!