Monday, August 11, 2014

Destination: Stari Grad

While we love the ease of camping, it's nice to dress up a little and head into one of the beautiful towns on the island for an evening.

Last night's destination: Stari Grad

We didn't even get a few minutes down the road from our campground before stopping at a lovely roadside stand for home grown tomatoes, figs and oregano.

And another one just a few minutes later for local honey. What could be better?!

I don't remember when Claire discovered that she liked fresh figs in Croatia, but it's tradition now to look on the roadside for a wild tree to stop and pick from.

Though we'd just bought a few from the roadside stand, we found a tree on our way to Stari Grad.

Fresh figs = happy girl!

Last April Dave and I stayed in Stari Grad, becoming well acquainted with this pretty little island town. Although we've been vacationing on this island for seven years, we'd never spent much time in this town.

I was so glad to bring Claire here to explore it with us!

This is kind of a "Where's Waldo" type of photo! So many pretty things to see...including Claire and Kaylee!

First things first though. THE best melon gelato I've ever had!

Wandering these quaint streets is a photographers dream. Hope Claire will edit a bunch of the photos she took and post them on her blog (hint, hint Claire!). I'm not as artsy at editing as she is, but at least you get a view of how pretty the little streets are.

And she was sweet enough to capture her mom and dad in a pretty setting!

After rambling through the tiny streets for another half hour, we then headed back to the other side of the harbor.

Have you ever had a meal that was so good you've never forgotten it? One of mine is from Eremitaz in Stari Grad. Grilled lamb with aromatic herbs, potato salad and grilled peppers. So good that all three of us had the same thing!

We walked back along the riva (boardwalk) with a stunning "super moon" to light our way. The end of a perfect evening with Dave and Claire.

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