Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Mike!

Happy Birthday to Mike, my favorite brother in the whole world!

But what I really should say is:

"Happy Birthday to the best uncle in the whole world!"

As I looked through pictures today, hoping to find some good ones of him and I, all I found were "uncle" pictures!

Which tells you something about my brother.

 He was always there to welcome me home when I'd bring a new nephew or niece to visit.

Anyone recognize which airport, with the iconic carpet, this was taken in?

Many times it was a goodbye, as he lovingly rushed over from work in his coat and tie to give a hug and kiss to send us off.

But always giving of himself while we were there, engaging with my kids in one way or another, whether it be holding someone on his lap, or pouring another cup of juice. He was the uncle who did it all!

I remember the time that he accompanied me back to Czech when Dave had to return early, and I would've been alone with the three kids.

Help out his sister, spend a few days at English camp, and head back to Prague to fly home? No problem!

Always there...

Always cheerful, no matter how early in the morning our departure was!

 Full of hugs...

Full of fun...

Full of entertainment!

He taught the boys to juggle that year we were home!

My kids adore their Uncle Mike...or UM, as he is affectionately called now!

Thank you Mike for loving our kids sooooo well through the years. For joining in on their fun and giving so lavishly of yourself.

You are an uncle, and a brother, who goes beyond the call of duty: giving, loving, sacrificing, bringing laughter and smiles wherever you are, and helping all around you have a good time.

I'm proud to have such an amazing brother, and celebrate you with much love and affection today!


  1. Agree agree agree!!! UM - you're awesome.

  2. Thank you so much Connie! I am truly blessed to have such a great sister, brother-in-law, two nephews and a niece in my life.

    It is fun to see those memories and I think I'll save those pictures since you have more of me than I have of myself!

    Fun that we share a birthday in August...wishing you happy birthday week again!

  3. Oh Connie...this is the cutest photo album ever! I love the way it captures Mike's heart. Go UM! :o)