Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Before We Leave

Before heading out to Croatia for a few days, Dave finished up teaching at Malenovice this morning. 

A group of national leaders from many different Central and Eastern European countries are there for a reunion with the Wheaton College summer program that they all have attended sometime in he past 15 years or so.

They asked Dave to speak on his Fatherhood material, what he's written his book on. 

The special thing about this conference is they held their first reunion, and were our first guests, at Malenovice after we completed renovation in 2001! So we love having them back as they feel like family.

Claire and I went up to hear Dave teach this morning, something I never get tired of doing. I've said this before it will say it again...he's my favorite teacher!

It's so good to be back at Malenovice again after our year away. It looks as pretty as ever, and the staff there are doing a tremendous job of serving and caring for those who come. 

Just before leaving we saw some old friends who were at this conference, Nik and Grace from Bulgaria. We've known them for twenty years, and in fact were at a conference with them when I was pregnant with Claire. Crazy to see her all grown up now, standing next to them!

Am posting this from my phone before we cross the border...won't have Internet until we get to the campground! Glad we started off our trip seeing dear friends today.

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