Monday, August 18, 2014

Birthday: Day Two

Dave and Claire loved on me tonight with another celebration a day after my birthday!

My all time favorite restaurant in the area now has gluten free pizza, and it's GOOD!! Cooked in a wood burning oven, you'd honestly never guess it didn't have wheat as the base of the crust. What a special treat to find there tonight.

And so special to still have Claire with us to celebrate. She's here until Friday. Soaking in every last bit of time with her before she returns to school in Chicago.

After a little shopping that resulted in a birthday gift from Dave at Marks and Spencer, Claire gave me her gift.

In the parking garage!

Yes, Kaylee came along too though had to wait in the car during dinner and shopping!

While she meant to bring it into the restaurant but accidentally left it in the car, it was probably even more memorable to get it down there. I'm glad it worked out that way!

She knows that the gift of words is precious to me, so wrote me a very special letter.

For my 53rd birthday (which is an odd year to turn, don't you think??), I have really special memories from yesterday and today.

Feeling so loved, filled up, cared for, and joyfully remembered.