Monday, August 4, 2014

A Reunion Day

Eighteen years ago the Jackson family from Canada moved to Poland to join the JV team in the early days of ministry here.

They faithfully and effectively served there for nine years, making a huge impact in the lives of young people and youth leaders before returning to Canada in 2004.

Today we had the privilege of gathering together back in Poland at the Carlson's home, with some of our early JV teammates, to see them!

Not only were Gord and Liz here visiting, but their daughter, Emily, just finished serving on the JV intern team in Poland this summer. Parents and daughter were seeing each other for the first time in three months today!

So good to see Liz, Emily and Gord...but we missed their daughter,  Elyse and son, Andrew!
It was a reunion kind of day for these JV girls too.

Claire, Kelsey Carlson, Emily Jackson, Jillian Carlson, Amy Nickerson
With the exception of Claire on the far left, the other four girls all live, or have lived, in Poland at some time with their JV families.

Amy, on the right, is serving with JV on our communications team this summer and through the fall. Click HERE to see one of her posts on the JV blog, and look around that page to find some of her other ones! She's blessing our team with her writing gifts during these months.

So sweet to see these precious JV Kids who grew up together still loving each other and following the Lord!

And speaking of JV Kids...

Jacob Hash, the son of Dan and Laura who started JV with us in 1993, came to our house for dinner tonight!

He's been here this summer also serving as an intern on our communications team, traveling around to various JV ministries to document through film and photography, what God is doing in our part of the world.

We had a wonderful evening hearing about his summer and what's ahead of him as he heads back to college at John Brown University this Friday.

As he headed out I just had to capture one last photo of him...with our old blue van that faithfully served our family for fifteen years!

Jacob's parents bought the van from us a year ago and it's what he's has been driving around in all summer, putting on over 5000 kilometers visiting JV camps and staff.

What a special reunion day with very dear people that we love!

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