Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last Day for a While

It's hard to believe a whole month has sped by, and that today is Claire's last day at home for a while.

We'll be on our way to Krakow in just a few hours to spend the night so she can be at the airport by 5 AM for her flight back to Chicago where she'll begin her sophomore year at Moody.

But just because she's leaving today didn't stop us from running into town for a few last things! We wandered around Frýdek, took some photos, drank strong coffee and had some of the wonderful gluten free pastries at the new bakery there. Couldn't miss one last time of that together!

On the way home we drove up to Malenovice just to soak in the beauty for a few more minutes before heading home to pack.

She even got to pick a few blackberries before she returns to the city where those kinds of opportunities are few and far between.

During our family time last night with the three of us, we told Claire that we're so excited about what's ahead for her this year, and that we're proud of how she continues to grow in her faith and capacity for whatever she encounters. This year will be a much fuller one for her, but she's totally ready for that.

The little girl that used to be a worrier is long gone, and in her place stands a beautiful young woman full of faith and joy, ready for the next season of her life!

I'll miss my girl! But I'm full of confidence in who she is and excited about what's ahead for her.

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