Sunday, August 3, 2014

What's New for Me

First things first.

I cut my hair. And got bangs. And went brunette.

All at one appointment with Ewelina, my dear hair stylist in Poland. Yes, that's where I drive to get my hair done (it's just across the border, about thirty minutes from my house).

To be super honest, I'm in the midst of the awful God-given change of life...yes, the big "M" word, and it's rockin' my boat. Yes, all the symptoms (and if you don't know what I'm talking about, be glad!).

So what to do when you're not feeling your best?

Yes...go for a change. It feels so good!

While Dave was up at our training center in Malenovice tonight, Claire and I took a walk up to the village.

Thankfully she brought her camera and captured our little walk, along with our funny little dog, Kaylee, who we were trying to get in the picture but it didn't quite work out the first time.

Or the second.

But eventually, Claire set the camera on a garbage can in someone's driveway and put it on the timer so we could capture our evening together.

Oh how sweet to have these days with her at home!

It's just for a few weeks as it will soon be time for her to return to her life in Chicago and for me to return to mine here in Czech. But for now, on a warm summer evening, we're lovin' being together.

Spending time out on the little roads, near the pretty fields, walking and talking, is what we love to do.

Oh, and laugh and take pictures to remember it all!

The summer flowers are in their prime right now and make such a pretty backdrop to make some new memories.

(Although Kaylee seems less than enthused about another photo!)

This next one was totally spontaneous as Kaylee laid down in the field, all tuckered out, and Claire rushed over to join her. I just happened to have the camera in my hand at that point and I'm sure glad I did! That's a moment you want to capture.

This last picture makes me laugh!

Claire set the camera on someone's concrete fence base so we could try and get a fun picture together with the field, trees and mountain behind us.

It worked. Kind of.

At least Kaylee was cooperating by then!

The Lord knew I needed a little boost right now. A new haircut. A pretty summer evening. Some time with my girl (and the furry one too). Oh and a husband who totally rescued me by doing something that made my day. He's a good one, for sure!

These are the treasures I'm soaking in from the Lord today.

"And Claire, seriously!! Thank you for these fun photos!!"

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  1. So I love the hair but have to ask a delicate question...Ummm, what is the proper response to the "M" situation? Am I supposed to send a card? Any direction would be helpful and if total avoidance of this topic is best then lets just say "OK then"! Hope it all passes quickly (or insert whatever response is appropriate from little brothers).