Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Most Delightful Train Ride

After a morning service at church in Ostrava last Sunday, we boarded the train to head to Prague with our Josiah Venture board members and their wives.

Taking the train is my favorite way to travel here, but this was an extra special, unusual, and very memorable train ride.

We rented an entire car and had a rolling presentation for our board members the entire way!

You can't tell from the picture, but there are over twenty five of us in the train car. It's not just the board members, but guests from Slovakia and Czech who were invited to share as we traveled!

Thank you for joining us Jirka, Milan, Darina and Karel!

The three hour ride was purely delightful as we heard from eight different people, all sharing about what God is doing in their part of the country where they serve.

We heard about leadership courses, evangelism, Fusion, blogs to reach people, discipleship courses and so much more.

These three, in the picture below, got on different trains in Slovakia in the morning, met us in Ostrava, traveled part-way to Prague, shared about their ministries, and then got off in a town along the way so they could catch another train back to their homes!

Thanks Kim, Darina and Denisa for giving us ten hours of your day to come share!!

Shortly after they left us, Rob, another one of our JV missionaries, got on the train in a different town and shared about English camps here in Czech as we headed towards Prague where he serves.

If you happen to know Rob, you know we had a lot of smiles and laughter on that last part of the trip!

It was the fastest, and most delightful, train ride to Prague I've ever had!

And made complete by special cans of Kofola (the beloved cola of our country!) from our country leader in Czech to say thank you to our board members for their oversight and care of the JV family.

Not only was there time to listen to our guests share, but also time for the board members to interact with them personally to ask questions and get to know them.

Thank you to all who joined us on the train! We'll never forget that ride to Prague.

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  1. That is SO FUN!! And creative! Way to go on that idea!!