Friday, May 8, 2015

Family Day Tradition

Traditions are super important in every family.

They provide identity, strengthen bonds, create memories, and establish values that are vital to forming a healthy and happy family who enjoys being together.

Our JV family has traditions as well! One of my favorites is "Family Day" which occurs every year at our spring conference. Setting aside a whole afternoon and evening to spend time together as a big family, we've made our own carnival, gone to the circus, visited the zoo, put on a hoe-down and had sport's tournaments, to mention just a few!

This year's family day took on a whole new twist as we visited one of the best sights in Ostrava.

Looks like a factory? That's because it was until not that long ago! Vitkovice, Ostrava's gigantic former steel factory now houses "Svět Techniky", an absolutely amazing science and technology museum for all ages. And that's where we spent this year's JV family day.

Some amazingly creative minds worked to create this fabulously interactive and impressive science museum which opened a few years ago. From the minute we arrived, kids and adults were captivated by a multitude of hands-on displays.

From human gyroscopes to solar powered airplane races, our JV families had a blast there today!

It was beautiful to watch moms and dads exploring and experiencing the museum together...

And to see families getting to spend time with each other in a relaxed, fun and enjoyable setting.

Not only is there a museum in the old steel factory, but a large arena, concert hall, conference facilities, restaurants, and catering for events like ours where all 250 of us could gather for dinner.

My lens was not wide enough to capture the size of this room, but I can say that all of us ate in there at once like one big happy, noisy, chaotic, wonderful family!

Who knew a steel factory could be so much fun?

As we left this evening, my heart felt full for having once again spent such a good time together on JV family day!

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