Thursday, May 14, 2015

Finals and Plans

It's a crazy day when all three of our kids experience the same thing, on the same day, in the same state. All while we're on this side of the ocean in Czech.

Taken today at he and Lara's home

Tyler finished his final exam of the school year at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL, so is officially halfway through his master's degree!

Caleb turned in his final paper today at Moody Bible Institute downtown Chicago so is now just one semester away from graduation!

With Pavel today, his good friend and fellow student at Moody, who is Czech and comes from the next town over from us!

And Claire took her last final this morning, also at Moody, and is down to just three semesters left in her college education!

Taken in her dorm room today, nearly the last day of being there. She moves into Moody apartments in the fall.

Soon, they'll all be moving on to their summer plans.

Tyler and Lara will spend the summer working, Tyler will take a summer class at seminary and they will continue getting ready to have a baby in the fall. Have I mentioned how excited I am about this?! SMILE!!!

Caleb and Haley leave this Saturday for Bratislava, Slovakia where they'll visit Haley's parents, and soon afterward begin their summer with JV. We'll see them at the end of the month when they arrive at Malenovice for a week of training with the other interns. Thank you to all who gave generously towards their support - it's all in!

Claire stays at Moody for a week to work her job in event services while the school hosts their annual pastor's conference. She'll then go to Tyler and Lara's for a week before heading up to Michigan where she'll serve on staff again with Gull Lake Ministries until mid-July. After that she gets to come home to Czech for four weeks!

Tonight I'm feeling thankful to the Lord for his work in each of their lives, for their walks with him that continue to deepen, and for all the ways they're using their gifts and talents to serve him.

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