Monday, May 4, 2015

Caleb in Cleveland

I'm thankful for good news this evening.

Caleb and Haley drove six hours to Cleveland Clinic today so Caleb could see his doctor and get the next injection against the pain he deals with (see HERE if you're visiting for the first time and want to know why he's had pain for 12 years).

The Lord's kindness and mercy were evident by providing this appointment today. When he called last week they told him there were no openings until mid-June. After several days of waiting, they finally found a spot and got him in. Just in time since next week is finals at Moody, and then they're leaving for Bulgaria for the summer!

Praying now that the injection will fully kick in soon, that they'll have a safe drive back to Chicago tonight, and as always, that the Lord will continue the healing process for Caleb.

Thank you for praying for him today!

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