Friday, May 1, 2015

The Lost Prayer

Dave is back home from an amazing time in Israel with Global Youth Initiative, which gathered together over 150 leaders worldwide to talk about making bold moves for Jesus.

Being the visionary that he is, it's not hard for him to chart a course of bold moves! I'm sure there are exciting days ahead for our Josiah Venture team as a result of his time there.

On his last day in Jerusalem, he kindly went into the markets for me. What did I want him to bring back?

Spices and tastes of Israel! He happily complied with my wish and loaded up on some of my favorites.

Dates, olives, nuts and spices...there is nothing quite like those tastes fresh from the 'land of milk and honey'. We'll be having some yummy meals thanks to Dave's bold shopping move! :)

He surprised me with one other 'treat'.

Made with Roman glass from over 2000 years ago, these are stunning.

He gave them to me the night he arrived home from Israel and I wore them all day yesterday while in Prague, and of course, on our way home.

But last night when I was starting to get ready for bed, I reached up to my ears to take them off and one was missing. I was absolutely sick. It was nowhere to be found on my clothing, or anywhere I could see in the house as I quietly searched. I couldn't bear to tell Dave so went to bed forming a plan in my head for going to search for it in the morning. I knew it was like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack, but I had to try.

As you can imagine, my dreams all night were filled with thoughts of missing can't imagine how many different dreams I had about that!

When I woke up I had a pit in my stomach, feeling so sad that I'd only had them for a day. I certainly wondered if I'd ever see the pair of them together again.

Before I started to look I did something I've done for many years with lost things: pray Jan's prayer. What is Jan's prayer? It's a prayer based on a Bible verse that my dear friend prays when she loses things, or hears of lost items. Honestly, I can never remember the verse! But I always remember Jan praying, and God answering.

So I prayed. And asked the Lord to show me where to start. I was willing to go all the way back to the train station and walk the path we took to our car, as well as the other places we'd gone after arriving back in Ostrava, including a gas station and at the home of the girl who takes care of Kaylee.

But the first thing that came to my mind was to look in the car. I did, but it wasn't there. I closed the car door and started to head back to the house, praying the "lost prayer" again.

All of a the oddest sense...I felt led to look between the seats in my car, down in the crack. I couldn't even see, but reached my fingers down...and felt something. Yes, you guessed it! The missing earring.

You better believe there was a lot of thanking the Lord going on in the garage at that moment!!! I don't know why the Lord answers that prayer so often, but he does. And I am SO thankful for that.

There are backs on those earrings now so they'll stay in place, and I told Dave the whole story! :) They are now an even greater treasure from him to me. And I BLESS the Lord for returning that earring to me.

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