Saturday, May 2, 2015

Caleb and Haley: Summer News

As I write from home here in the Czech Republic, I'm gazing at this photo taken recently in Chicago, feeling such love, warmth, joy and delight in these two dear ones.

You probably already know this is our Caleb, and his precious wife, Haley. Hard to believe this month they'll already celebrate their first wedding anniversary after last May's wonderful celebration in Colorado!

Caleb is finishing up his 'next to last' semester of school at Moody Bible Institute (he graduates in December), and he and Haley are getting ready to leave for a summer of ministry in just two weeks. Where are they headed?

Bulgaria, to partner with our Josiah Venture missionaries, Gabe and Melissa Hillman. We could not be MORE thrilled to have them heading this way soon!

An excerpt from their support raising letter:

After much prayer, both Caleb and I have sensed the Lord leading us to partner with the Hillman family and their local church in Bulgaria to engage youth with the gospel, discipleship, and support the work that He is already doing there. 

Neither of us has been to Bulgaria, so it will all be very new despite both of our extended time spent in Eastern Europe! We are excited to embark on this adventure and to go in faith knowing that the Lord has good works prepared in advance for us to do.

We love their hearts for the Lord, and their desire to invest in and bring the Gospel to young people in this part of the world.

With 88% of their support raised, we're also thrilled to see God providing for them. Thank you to those of you who have already invested in them, and in the youth of Bulgaria!

They have just two weeks left to finish raising their support. You can click HERE to give through our JV website if the Lord puts that on your heart. It would bless them, and us, if you want to stand with them this summer!

One last bit of news about Caleb.

After 10 years of dealing with debilitating pain, God led us to Cleveland Clinic three years ago where he received a diagnosis for the underlying cause of that pain. Since then, he's returned many times to be given the injection that brings relief, and gives hope for healing.

The time between injections has gone from 10 weeks in the beginning, to seven months now. We PRAISE THE LORD for this. It means healing is in process, though is not finished yet.

The pain has once again begun its descent, so he and Haley travel to Cleveland this Monday, the 4th of May, for another injection. It's a six hour drive one way from Chicago, but they'll go there and back in a day since it's the last week of classes and he needs to be there for them.

Will you pray with us for safety in travel, for a successful injection, and ultimately, for his healing?

The Lord has done SO much in Caleb's life through pain and suffering. He's weathered it with strength, courage and great trust in the Lord, and it's made him the man he is today. Yet, we're still asking the Lord to heal him.

God has good works prepared in advance for Caleb and Haley this summer, and we're excited about what's ahead for them!

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  1. oh Connie, I will start to pray right now... and I'm so happy about those 7 months because it's longer than before and shows it works slowlybut works and heal! Thanks to Jesus!.... Love Inka