Thursday, May 21, 2015

Malenovice: Then and Now

Fifteen years ago, in the spring of 2000, Malenovice had a very different look.

After purchasing it in the fall of 1998 and running it "as is" for two years, we shut it down for a year and began renovations that went up, out, over and under.

With the expertise of a construction company, accompanied by thousands of volunteer labor hours, it began to take a new shape.

I remember weekly trips up to the mountains from our home in Havířov to view progress.

There were some work days where we all pitched in.

And some days of just enjoying the project as it took shape.

Every time we arrived there was something new to see and even our kids loved the weekly visits!

Renovations completed in August of 2001, and since then Malenovice has served as a conference and training center for Czech, and the whole region.

A spiritual home where many have put their trust in Christ and others have grown in faith, it's a beacon on a hill with a light that cannot be hidden!

Next week 140 JV summer interns will arrive at Malenovice for training, filling every nook and cranny of this place to learn, pray, worship, receive instruction and be commissioned before they're sent out as laborers into the harvest across Central and Eastern Europe to once again share Christ from June through August.

How very thankful we are for Malenovice, and all that's taken place there through the years, accomplishing God's work in the lives of so many. And do pray for this place, that His mighty work there will continue!

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  1. this is amazing story! I have been there often with my parents for holiday loooong time ago... Gabe likes to go there for summer camp... Jirka Vales told him about the camp and Gabe wants to go sooo much, so looks I need to come earlier from Sweden... Hope to see you soon!!!.... Love Ingrid