Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday at Our House

What joy to have a houseful of people this afternoon, especially considering the purpose of their visit.

Two summers ago Dave wrote a Bible study called "Look". Designed as a tool to share the Gospel in what he calls "a longer conversation", he wanted to make a way for people to take time to process and understand what it means to put faith in Jesus.

From that idea he created four lessons explaining the Gospel in a simple, conversational format.

Each one is printed on a separate piece of paper, and the person hearing it for the first time gets a page each time they meet for 45 minutes with their believing friend or family member to talk about it.

By the fourth meeting, they'll have an envelope containing all the lessons, have been able to ask questions in a safe, personal environment, and will know what the Bible says about having a relationship with God.

So how does that explain the house full of people today? All from our church here in Frydlant, they came to learn from Dave how to use the "Look" study.

Our JV team has been using this tool over the past two years, and praise God, it's bearing much fruit! If someone goes through all four lessons, we're finding that nearly 50% make a decision to follow Jesus. That is phenomenal! And we hope to see more fruit like that.

Many who came today are in our youth group and on the team that will spend a week at camp this summer with students who don't yet know Jesus. While some may respond to the Gospel at camp, there will be others who need more time. The "Look" study could be just what they need.

Wouldn't it be awesome if each of these people led someone to Christ over the next few months? It's totally possible! And the "Look" study could be a helpful tool in making that happen. I prayed for that as they sat in our living room this afternoon, sharing with each other who they'd like to take through the study.

Parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, classmates and co-workers may come to know Jesus because of the faithful witness of these dear ones. Pray with me that more will know the joy of a relationship with the Lord!

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