Wednesday, May 6, 2015

JV "Family on Mission"

JV family is in the house tonight!

Well, not our home...but you know, the JV "house", the big one up the hill, at Malenovice! And to be really specific, in the tent. There are so many of us that we don't fit in our meeting room anymore.

297 of us are all at the hotel this week for "Family on Mission", our annual JV spring family conference.

And 107 of those are kids!

As you can imagine, it takes a small army to care for our JV Kids, and we've got an exceptional one this year.

A group of 15 from Scottsdale Bible Church are caring for our little ones, and a team of 5 from somewhere in the south (sorry...I didn't even catch the detail of where they're from!) are here to do a musical with our school age kids. We are incredibly grateful for these servants of God who came to invest in our JVK, as we call them.

Just want to add it's SO good to have Mel and Amy back in the "house" too - they've been on sabbatical this year

One of our JVK had a part in the introduction of our theme tonight...

That's our Tyler doing THE COOLEST chalk art, time lapse video of the logo for this year's conference!

One of our communication team members, John, hand drew the logo (see the first photo at the top of this post) and then someone on the team asked Tyler to do some of his 'crazy amazing' chalk art of that logo. I hadn't even seen the video until tonight! I'll post it later when I get a copy. So fun to have him be a part of the conference, even from afar.

Dave got started tonight with the first of seven messages he'll be giving over the next five days, introducing the theme of "family on mission". It's going to be so good! And I'll post the link to his talks later on too.

We've had amazing worship over the years at our JV conferences, and it just keeps getting better!

With a band pulled together by Korban who serves with JV in Poland, and staff from Czech, Slovenia, Slovakia and Latvia, we powerfully worshipped the Lord tonight. And the worship set included a song written especially for the conference by Mark Chase (who happens to be our daughter-in-law's dad!).

Whew...I still have shivers a few hours later looking at this photo and remembering how awesome it was to be there with our JV family singing that song!

The evening ended back up at the hotel for dessert and fellowship in the restaurant for everyone, except this group who joined us downstairs.

There were a few missing (putting kids down), but this is the newest JV family members, here for their first spring conference! What a precious time we shared with them tonight.

We're off to a great conference! How we love our JV family!


  1. Goodness! I would SOOOOO love to be there!!!!! 107 kids!! That's amazing. And I didn't know Tyler was going to do that - that's incredible. I would love to see the video!

  2. Wow! What a great time you are having! Wish I was there, but happy I am here right now. I too would love to see the video!