Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Day in the Life

What happens during a Josiah Venture spring conference? Well, come on in and get a little glimpse of what it looked like today!

  • Precious worship in the morning with this group of gifted missionaries leading us into God's presence...Zach and Shay from Czech, and Christy from Ukraine. 

  • The giving of JV awards to different family members who we think are modeling the values of JV, and are special, terrific and outstanding in some way.

Katka and Theresa were two of our recipients so far!

  • Lots of great fellowship, conversation and coffee!

  • Loads of laughter and fun!

  • Many personal conversations with friends

  • More teaching on parenting and "family on mission" by Dave (and I got to join in with my thoughts and comments today)

  • A spontaneous soccer game with our JV Kids

  • Hugs and hellos to my dear nephew

  • And a willing dad joining in on a light saber battle with some boys!

What a good, rich, happy Thursday at JV spring conference!

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