Monday, November 30, 2015

Moving A Friend

For the past forty seven years, this friend has resided at my parent's house.

When I was just seven years old my grandparents surprised our family with this piano, having it delivered to our house one fall afternoon. I began lessons soon afterward, and a very special "friendship" developed between me and this lovely instrument.

The piano opened up so many doors for me, doors that eventually led me to the mission field where I am today. But while I moved to Europe, the piano moved here and there in the Northwest with my parents, who so kindly took care of it for me all these years since I left home.

But a few months ago during a phone call they told me that because of their upcoming move to a smaller home, it was probably time for the piano (which they always considered to be mine) to find its new home. They asked where I wanted it to go, and thus began the journey to another place where it could be enjoyed.

In case you can't tell, the piano is under the tarp, strapped in and loaded onto the bed of a pick-up!

While it would have been wonderful if one of our kids could have taken it, that wasn't an option due to the fact that they live over 2000 miles away from my parents.

But very quickly another name came to mind, and I quickly wrote a message to ask if she would be interested in getting it. Her quick reply back brought tears to my eyes as she spoke about what it would mean to have a piano in her home.

With that reply, the deal was sealed.

She's had to wait two months for it, but finally, two days ago, a friend of hers and her husband, came to my parent's house in Eugene. With the help of my brother, aunt, uncle and parents, they loaded the piano into his pick-up truck for a five hour drive up to Seattle.

Delivered later that night, at 1 AM, my dear "friend" is now residing with Allyson and Shane O'Regan, my daughter-in-law Haley's sister, and her husband!

Thankfully Allyson's Uncle Matt was there visiting and could assist in getting it upstairs to their apartment!

Allyson is an accomplished musician (you can find her beautiful album HERE) and I'm delighted that my piano now belongs to another who will love and cherish it like I did.

She sent pictures to me today of her playing it, and I'm so delighted to think of the beautiful music that will come out of my friend, and that it now will get the use that it deserves.

Allyson and Shane were married this past summer in Ireland and plan to move there after Shane finishes seminary in Seattle (Shane is from Ireland). Whether or not the piano will go with them is not known yet, but to think they can have it these next two years is a comfort to me. My "friend" is with family.

Allyson told me that the lamp on the piano is from her childhood home, the very lamp that sat on her piano in Colorado as she grew up (in the home of Mark and Amy Chase, dear friends who are also JV staff in Slovakia). And that the clocks outside the door are set to time in Bandon, Ireland (where Shane's parents live) and to Bratislava, Slovakia (where Allyson's parents live). I love that!

And now my friend, the piano, sits in her home. It too fits so perfectly, amidst reminders of their precious family.

This piano is a tried and true friend who brought much joy to my life long ago.

Yes, that's really me back in 7th grade, along with my brother!

And I know that my friend will continue to bring joy to Shane and Allyson's home and lives.

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  1. Oh, I LOVED this post! What a beautiful legacy that piano holds!