Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rain, Rain...and More Rain

The rainy weather that brought severe floods to the rest of Europe, seems to have arrived on our doorstep today.

Just down the road from our house, this ditch is usually dry. You can see how much water there is by the drainage pipe it's flowing through...and it's a big drainage pipe!

Just a few meters further, the ditch is getting close to overflowing onto the road, and into our neighbor's yard. If it keeps raining like it is right now, it'll be a mess. (**an hour later** The neighbor had a tractor come and dig out the ditch so it wouldn't overflow!)

Unfortunately, had to drive in this today. It's more of a day that you want to stay home, curl up with a blanket and good book!

Again, this is usually dry, or only a very small trickle flowing under the bridge that heads us home.

The weather forecast calls for sunshine tomorrow. Really??!!

It's hard to imagine the sun peeking its head out on such a rainy day as this!

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  1. Yikes! I wish we'd get some rain here (though no flooding please) it's been too hot to sleep the past few days here.