Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quiet in the House

It's been very quiet in the house today.

I've been in my spot out in the front living room writing all day, while Dave's been in the back in the family room.

What I didn't know until just a bit ago was why it was so quiet.

Earlier today his computer started acting strangely. As he started to write mid-morning, it froze.

He was eventually able to get back into the document with his book writing in it, but the problem continued.

With no warning, it emptied his entire email account. Yes, deleting everything.

Poor guy, he has spent hours trying to recover it today, and is still at it.

While he thinks everything is still online at the server, his inbox is a blank.

We knew there would probably come a day when we'd experience some sort of technical problems as we write. Today was Dave's day. Oh how I hope my day doesn't come!

When things like that happen it's hard to just leave it and continue to press on with writing.

At least Dave is persistent, and pleasant as well. I haven't heard any frustrating noises out of the living room yet. But pray that he can figure this out so he gets back to work on his writing.

In the meantime from my spot in the living room, it's another lovely day here.


  1. Oh bummer! You guys are backing stuff up, right? Hope you don't have any more problems!

  2. Oh Connie. My heart aches and my stomach is sick hearing this. What spiritual attack this is! I have become adept at saving often and even dropping things onto a flash disc as back up frequently. I learned this one during my dissertation when I lost some stuff. I sure hope you're daily putting your writings on to a flash disc and if not, start today! :o)