Saturday, June 18, 2016

Melt my Heart

Living away from family has always had its heartache. But never more than now.

Getting to see our grandson, Judah, along with his mom and dad, brought the sweetest of delights today!

I'm back in the Chicago area for just two days right now, and so thankful that Tyler and Lara are still here so we could have some family connection time.

Seriously, getting this little fellow up from his nap this afternoon was pure joy!

Tyler and Lara are beginning their road to serving with Josiah Venture in the Czech Republic. So somewhere in the near future, they'll be living in the same country as us!

But for now, they're moving to Tennessee as they begin the process of application and support raising.

Tyler will spend the next two months working on this thesis for his Master's Degree, and plans to graduate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in December of this year. After that, they'll begin support raising in earnest and are praying the Lord would allow them to be in Czech by fall 2017.

The Lord's movement in their hearts towards missions in Czech melts my heart! And their sweet Judah melts my heart too!

I'm thankful for the touch points along the way that we get to have with all three of them.

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