Saturday, June 11, 2016

It's Like Coming Home

When we first arrived for a week at Gull Lake Ministries back in 2008, it was a foreign place.

Coming from where we served and lived in the Czech Republic, our family had never been to an American family camp, didn't know anyone, were unfamiliar with the program, didn't know our way around, and frankly, we were nervous.

Oh how all that has changed over the past eight years!

Now we can hardly wait to get here!

As we drive onto the grounds and see all those excited counselors waiting for us (many are friends of our kids whom they've worked with over the past four years here), we sigh in sweet relief that we're "home". Well, at least at one of our homes.

This is our fifth time here at Gull Lake. Over these past years we've made a lot of new friends who we greatly look forward to being with for a week as we enjoy time in God's Word together (Dave's teaching), warm, rich conversation, and a lot of good fun and laughter.

We also get to see old friends, like the Brewster's...old as in, we've known them a long time!

These two people literally prayed Dave and I together back in our college days over thirty years ago. Oh how good it is to see them! They led the college group at my home church, where Dave interned during his bible college days. We are VERY grateful for those prayers!

Dave starts his first of six teaching times tomorrow morning. I'm excited for what he's going to be sharing, and so glad to be "home" with our Gull Lake family.

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  1. So glad you are there! And I loved the little story about the Brewsters! Wish we were there to hear Dave teach!