Friday, June 24, 2016

Dream Come True

If someone asked you what your dreams are, what would you say?

One of mine has been to see the lavender fields in bloom on our beloved island of Hvar in the month of June. Today I saw my first field! Granted it was alongside the road (we'll see more tomorrow) but I can say that my heart was happy and I couldn't resist getting out of the car to take that picture!

A second dream is to be here for the annual Lavender Festival.

Held in Velo Grablje, a tiny village on the island, Michelle and I made our way there this afternoon.

Yes, we were kind of giddy about being here to check it out!

Lavender and rosemary essential oil production began in this little town in 1892. At one time 10% of all lavender oil in the world was produced here. But blight and fire devastated the fields over the years, and it's only been in the last 8-10 years that it's been revived.

Eight years ago they started a two-day lavender festival to celebrate the revival of this precious fruit of the land. In a town that had only five residents (it has 15 today, we were told), that's quite a feat!

With fifteen (give or take a few!) booths, and about 60 people, including the vendors, it was THE sweetest little festival I've ever been to! We stopped at almost every booth and had a most enjoyable and informative conversation with each vendor.

And yes, bought a few special items too, from new friends like Ivana who makes her own essential oils.

And what's not to be missed at the lavender festival?? Why, lavender infused gelato, of course! :)

The village is one of those "little bit of a magic" places on earth. With a view out to the Pakleni islands, its quaint stone buildings make a truly lovely setting for a festival and photos!

There are only so many parking places along the road in the village, so we'd meandered our way down a dirt road to find a spot before heading up to the festival.

As we walked back to the car we noticed a darling restaurant just a bit further down the road, and decided that was our dinner spot.

We laughed, talked, ate, took photos and laughed some more, enjoying our evening together in the village of Velo Grablje.

This dear gal, Marija, was our waitress and server for the evening and could not have been any sweeter. How much both Michelle and I are enjoying the dearness of the Croatian people this week. It has been kindness upon kindness that we've experienced from them.

We'll drive up into the actual lavender fields tomorrow to finish the fulfillment of my dream to be here at this time.

Oh how kind GOD is to give me this good gift!

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  1. Sounds like that happy place you can revisit any time life is a bit stressful! I can almost smell and taste the town and festival with your pictures and description.