Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In the Tab

Here at Gull Lake Ministries in Michigan, a lot of special things happen inside this place.

Fondly called "The Tab", many happy and fun programs take place here.

And lots of sweet family time takes place here too. I love seeing those dads with their arms around their kids!

But another really sweet things happened in here as well this week. See the smiling face in between the woman in red and the man with glasses?

That is our dear Ruthanne, a JV missionary who does all the work with our summer interns on this side of the ocean. She lives in Indiana, but grew up in Battle Creek, not far from Gull Lake. And some of her supporters live there, so she drove all the way here from Indiana so she could bring them to hear Dave speak in the Tab!

But that wasn't all she brought.

Ruthanne is a talented baker and decorator - at least that's what I've seen from her Facebook and Instagram posts. I've never had the privilege of enjoying one of her creations until she brought these cookies to the Tab for us last night!!

Aside from the fact that they are seriously some of the most delicious sugar cookies I've ever tasted (and what is that frosting made of??? It's really, really yummy too!), she decorated them to look like our logo for JV summer camps! "Did you get my message?" is the theme for 110+ camps this summer that start in less than a week back home!

We're having such a good week here at Gull Lake, both inside and outside of the Tab!

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