Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer Evening with Friends

On this warm summer evening, Dave and I headed up the valley to meet for dinner with some special people.

One of our Josiah Venture board members from the States, along with his dear wife and delightful grandsons, is visiting this week!

We shared such a lovely evening with them, along with Mel and Amy, our teammates here.

It means the world to us that they care so deeply about Josiah Venture, and are able to come and see what God is doing here! 

We are so grateful for the leadership, wisdom, guidance and friendship that all of our board members provide throughout the year, serving with their gifts and talents in a way that makes JV more effective and impactful. It's a blessing to have such a godly group of men watching over us, praying, and standing with us for a movement of God in this part of the world.

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