Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day 2016

I'm at the Chicago airport, waiting at my gate for a flight back across the Atlantic. But before I go, I wanted to post some pictures and thoughts on yesterday, Father's Day, which we had the joy of spending here.

What joy to be with Tyler on his first Father's Day, and for Dave to now have the joy of sharing this holiday with his son!

Judah was his happy self in the morning, showing off his smiles and newly learned skills (like pulling himself up on his dad's hands) when we stopped by before heading to church with them.

Since travel these days is usually just Dave and I, the backseat is not my usual spot. But with this little guy back there, it was the perfect place to be!

We enjoyed lunch together after church, at a great BBQ place in Highland Park, where Tyler and Lara have lived these past two years.

We headed down to Lake Michigan for a nice walk, though Judah was not too impressed by it! :)

These are the kinds of photos that we'll probably giggle over as he grows up!

I will admit, it was awfully hot and humid down there, and he was much happier once his clothes come off and we took a walk outside while his mom and dad made dinner!

I'm so thankful that we had those hours together with these dear ones. Every time is just so sweet!

I'm writing fast now...they're calling me to my gate! So I'll sign off with one last photo, which was Judah's goodbye to Papa!

Oh and one last photo...Judah's first "selfie" on Nonnie's phone!

Thank you Tyler, Lara and Judah for such a special day together! Love you all much!


  1. Judah is a cute little fella. Tell him not to worry about the hair thing either. I took my time growing hair and I still have mine at 50+. He will grow into it!